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Hospital care monitors your recovery following a medical emergency or surgical operation. At Joseph J Botta, MD & Associates, LLC, board-certified adult primary care physicians Dr. Joseph J. Botta, MD, and Dr. David Candow, MD, provide hospital care to adults at Day Kimball Hospital. The team directly manages patients in the hospital year-round, without hospitalists or nurse practitioners. To make an appointment at the practice in Putnam, Connecticut, call the office today.

Hospital Care Q&A

What is hospital care?

Hospital care refers to the treatment you receive for a medical emergency or a surgical operation. It combines routine check-ups, medication management, and rehabilitation to reduce the risk of complications and encourage your body’s natural healing process.

Joseph J Botta, MD & Associates, LLC, is one of the few primary care offices in America that still admits and cares for its own patients at Day Kimball Hospital. Instead of relying on hospitalists or nurse practitioners, the team provides treatment each step of the way, while updating families daily.

What does hospital care involve?

There are various aspects of hospital care, including:

Patient monitoring

People who require hospitalization are more likely to experience serious complications. As a result, the team provides round-the-clock monitoring following a severe illness, a medical emergency, or surgery.

Medication management

After a medical emergency or surgical operation, you’re often required to take one (or more) prescription drugs. Certain drugs present dangerous side effects or increase the risk of dependence. Medication management monitors your use of certain drugs to ensure they help instead of hinder your recovery. 

Occupational therapy and rehabilitation

Sometimes, hospitalization affects your ability to perform routine tasks like getting dressed, bathing, or brushing your teeth. Occupational therapy can help you relearn these skills through a combination of stretches, strengthening exercises, and other activities. 

Laboratory testing

Following surgery, your body is more susceptible to infection. During your recovery in the hospital, the team regularly draws blood to reduce the risk of complications. 

Providing updates to the family

At Joseph J Botta, MD & Associates, LLC, the team provides hospital care for all of its patients. If you require hospitalization, your primary care physician will contact your loved ones immediately and update them at regular intervals.  

How long will I need hospital care?

The length of time you’ll need hospital care depends on various factors, including the reason for your hospitalization, your age, and your medical history. If you’re undergoing a routine medical procedure, you might only require care for a day or two. If you’re hospitalized due to a medical emergency, you might require care for weeks or even months.

Is hospital care covered by insurance?

Most health insurance covers hospital care, but every policy is different. If you have questions about what your plan covers, contact your insurance company before making an appointment at Joseph J Botta, MD & Associates, LLC.

To learn more about hospital care, make an appointment at Joseph J Botta MD & Associates, LLC, by calling the office today.